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Materials / Tools

  • Tearaway stabiliser.
  • Temporary spray adhesive.
  • Brown/cream felt depending on what flavour cookie you wish to make.
  • Thread for the chocolate chips, black thread for eyes and mouth, pink for the cheeks and matching thread to the felt for outline.
  • Small amount of toy stuffing.
  • hand sewing needle.

In-The-Hoop Cookie Plushie – Project How-To Guide

This is a great little gift project which is relatively simple and quick to do all you need is a little skill at hand sewing and your embroidery machine will do the rest.

Step 1.
Firstly; hoop your tearaway stabiliser into your hoop, a 5×7 works well for a cute little palm sized plushie.

Step 2.
Use temporary spray adhesive to attach a piece of felt inside the hoop, a large rectangle placed into the centre of a 5×7 hoop works great.

Step 3.
Load up the design onto your machine and start stitching! the first two stitches will be a wide holding stitch which will ensure the felt doesn’t move on the stabiliser, then the outline of the cookie will stitch out. I suggest using a thread that matches your felt for this so it is not easily seen when the plushie is constructed.

Step 4.
The inside of the cookie will now stitch out, change your threads when the machine prompts this according to your colour chart. First the cheeks will stitch, then the eyes and mouth followed by the chocolate chips, yummy!

Step 5.
Once this stitching is complete and you a have a cute little cookie face, cut all your jump threads, its easier to do this now than when the plushie is completed. Now grab another piece of brown felt, attach it on top of the other piece where you have stitched out the face. In general felt is the same both sides however if you are using anything with a pattern ensure you have right sides together. Either attach the thread with temporary spray adhesive or fabric glue around the edges, make sure it more than covers the previous cookie design.

Step 6.
The final machine stitch will be a running stitch joining the two pieces of felt together, you will notice it will leave a small gap in the bottom of the cookie without stitching, this is for you to turn the cookie the right way.

Step 7.
Take the pieces out of the hoop and cut the jump threads, remove all the tearaway stabiliser from the cookie design so that it is nice and soft, turn the cookie plushie the right way by pushing it through it hole left by the final stitch. Its a good idea to use a poker either a specially designed one or simply a chop stick works well to get into the corners of the bite mark and make it more defined.

Step 8.
Stuff the little cookie with a good amount of wadding making sure it is lovely and plump, be sure to push it into all the points around the bite mark.

Step 9.
You will now need to stitch up the opening using a ladder stitch, if you don’t know how, keep reading. Grab your sewing needle and a length of the same thread you used for the outline of the cookie. Make a knot in the end and bring the thread up from underneath the folded edge of the seam pull the thread through until the knot stops you, the knot should now be hidden in the seam.

Now that your knot is hidden, you can pin the seam together, making sure that the two folded edges are evenly aligned. Or if you prefer, simply pinch the sides together as you work along the opening. Then, on the opposite side and directly across from #1, make a small stitch right along the crease, about ⅛” long, going in at #2 and out at #3. The goal is to keep your stitches running perfectly along the folded edge in order to have an even and tidy seam.