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About Me

Hello! and welcome to my blog I’m super excited to have you here, I should probably tell you a little about myself.

I’m a busy working mummy to a crazy toddler who is my world, I absolutely adore crafting and have done since I was young. I can never stick to just one craft though and I like to try them all.

This blog will mainly focus on sewing, Cricut crafts, machine embroidery, and crochet. Some of these crafts i’m experienced in and some i’m just starting to learn. I look forward to sharing my experiences and tutorials with you.

Embroidery and Sewing
I’ve always been into crafting especially sewing and treated myself to an embroidery machine a couple of years ago. I loved it but became frustrated with the lack of cute modern designs. Having tried my hand at digital art before I decided to have a go at digitising kawaii drawings. They stitched out great and products I made using them were always very popular. As I became more confident with digitising I thought it would be amazing to share the designs and relevant tutorials with others and see them come to life

Sewing is my longest running hobby, I love its huge scope for creativity and find it super satisfying to see a paper pattern come to life. I have made so many things so far from bunting and bags to clothing, even three bridesmaid dresses (Stressful!). I love that so many of my other interests can be incorporated into my sewing and my machine definitely gets some good use.

Cricut Crafting
I fell in love with Cricut in 2014 after purchasing the original Explore machine, I loved how it was such a versatile tool and I could use it to enhance my other crafts. I recently purchased the Cricut Maker and I couldn’t be happier with it, mainly because it can now easily cut un-bonded fabric! As soon as I got this machine I knew I wanted to create my own patterns for it and I look forward to sharing these with you here.

Crochet is the craft which I’ve always wanted to learn, in-fact I tried and gave up three times before finally managing to teach myself using YouTube tutorials. I would consider myself a real beginner and so any tips and tricks welcome! I am certainly not at a level to make crochet patterns however, this is something i’d love to do in the future. For now i’m just happy that I could finally pick up some wool and hooks and make something!

All the art work and patterns on this site and included in my tutorials are illustrated and then digitised by me and 100% original. My aim is to keep this site a free tutorial space where people can download a pattern and follow along with my videos. However, if you do use my designs in your work please credit me and follow my Terms and Conditions.

Thank you so much for supporting me and I very much look forward to seeing what you make.